Young’s Lobster is proud to offer premium, sustainable Canadian seafood that’s been caught using small-scale, owner-operated fishing methods. 

With all our seafood products, we guarantee high quality and freshness. All of our seafood is caught by local fishermen in the Bay of Fundy and along the Eastern seaboard, and processed at our facilities on Deer Island, New Brunswick.

You can enjoy our seafood knowing that we work with local fishermen who care about these waters — and know them like the back of their hands.

Live, Hard-Shell Canadian Lobster

Our live, hard-shell Canadian lobster are sustainably caught and carefully processed to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

Available year-round, these lobster are 100% natural. We don’t add anything to them — they’re as fresh and pure as when they left the water (just hours before they arrive at your door).

Small Scale Inshore Sea Scallops

Small-scale inshore sea scallops are caught close to shore using small vessels that can carefully handle the delicate seafood. The scallops are shucked aboard the boats, cleaned, and brought raw to our facilities to be processed and distributed. 

Scallops have a subtle sweet flavour, are high in protein, and are a great source of heart-healthy fats.

Hook & Line Atlantic Halibut

Atlantic halibut are the largest marine flatfish in the world — they can weigh up to 300 kilograms each! 

Our halibut are caught using the traditional hook and line method.

Wild Caught Sustainable Herring

Herring might be small (under 18 inches long) — but they are super tasty and nutritious! Our herring are caught sustainably in the wild using herring weir.

Looking to place a large order?

Place a wholesale seafood order with us today. We can accommodate orders of all sizes and we guarantee timely, fresh delivery throughout North America and select international locations.


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